Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pineapple Gateaux...aka Pineapple Pastry...

Finally I am blogging after a Long Gap...I have been pretty busy and then my health took a down turn...So I have reduced my work hours which has given me more time to do things I like for example Cooking..:-)

Last Week I Graduated as a "Hospitality Graduate".. These two years of Study has taught me so much and it just not a New skill but Real Life Leasons especially to believe in myself and for that I am Thankful to some very good teachers at Meridian...When we came back home after the Ceremony I was reviving my memories by browing some photos of my Cake Creations made at School...My Husband was watching them with me and when the photo of the Pineapple Gateaux came up...he smiled and said I would love to eat another one of those...(Basically both of us are not very keen on eating sweet things...esp Cakes and Stuff...yeah yeah i know...Contrary to what I do...but thats how it is...)

His wish is my decided to suprise him the next day by making the the next day...I had some work in the city and after that i went shopping to buy stuff needed for the Gateaux...I hurrily shopped and rushed back home...(though it is a routine for us when I go to city to wait up for him till he finishes work and we come home together..)...but my Plans for the suprise made me hurry back...and I completed the cake in record time....

Now Coming to the Recipe....
1 Sponge Cake (8" Diameter)
1 Tin Pineapple Slices (250gms to 300 gms)
500gms Whipping Cream
1tsp Pineapple Essence
2 tbsps Powdered Sugar (pure icing sugar)
150ml Syrup (make it by adding pure pineapple juice and powered sugar)
To Garnish:
Whipped Cream
Slices of Pineapple
Glace Cherries

1) Cut the sponge base in half using a serrated knife.

2) Face the soft side up of the cut sponge and then sprinkle heavily with the syrup on both cut pieces (the sponge must become really wet and soaking). Keep aside to soak the syrup well.

3) Meanwhile whip the Cream using an electric beater with whisk attachment till it forms soft peaks(when lifted with spoon, the cream should hold its shape). Halfway through the process of whipping cream add the powdered sugar and pineapple essence.

4) Keep the whipped cream chilled in a refrigerator till you use it.

5) Cut up the pineapple slices into small pieces and keep aside.

To Assemble:
1) Take one sponge base and place it facing the soft side up, then dollop 1/3rd the amount of whipped cream on top of it and spread it evenly.

2) Then spread the pineapple pieces evenly on top of the covering taking cake that there no empty spaces.

3) Carefully place the second half of the sponge on top the cream layer in such a way that the soft side goes on top of cream and hard side faces up.

4) Now spread another 1/3rd of the cream of the top layer and spread evenly on top. Use the same to mask the sides to cover up the sponge on the sides neatly.

5) Now Scoop up the remaining mixture into a piping bag with a medium star nozzle and keep aside.

6) Mark your cake into number of slices. This recipe makes 8 slices and pipe cream at the corners and centre as shown in the picture below.

7) Top up with Glace Cherries and Pineapple.

8)Decorating the Final Part is left to your imagination. If you are short for ideas then you can use the picture below to get some ideas.

I made the Sponge from scratch but you can also do them with store bought sponges and it makes the process more simpler.

Hope you like this Recipe as much as my Husband enjoyed it....and here's a slice for the ones I would love to personally serve up.

Image Source : My Phone Camera.
Recipe Source : My Cakes Class and my Ideas.

In my next post I will put up an easy to make but foolproof sponge which help in making any cakes an easy job.

So until then...Happy Cooking..:-)


Apple said...

This looks deliciously tempting Amu...Thanks for the Slice girl :D

And once again Congratulations on all these acheivements...U ROCK...

Now relax and take good care of urself....

Amu... said...

Thanls a lot Keerthulu...

Dont worry.. These days I am chilling a lot...:-)

Anonymous said...

cake looks delicious..... i am cake and pastries addict... will be visiting ur bog more often as u have started blogging again.... sponge cake is the only cake i can bake, but will be waiting for ur recipe....

Shruthi Hebbur said...

super undhi ee dish ra

Padma said...

I would like to have a bite Amu, pls ikkada pampinchava?

Amu... said...

Thanks Sweety...
Will surely be updating the blog regularly...dont know how reggularly though.

Thanks Da..:-)

Sure ra... elago cheppu..:-P

Shubha said...

Ammuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... i just love this one... I am gonna try this for my hubby's birthday and I am gonna eat ur head to help me on it... hehehe:P

I came to know about ur blog from MSI... Welcome to MSI (orkut)

Shubs (ulta pulta....:D)

Amu... said...

Thank You for lovely Comments Shubha...But your Blog far better that mine...I dont know what I can help you with you being a brilliant blogger and cook...but i would be delighted to help in which ever way i can....

and Thank you for the Lovely Welcome....:-)

Radhika said...

You're a life saver!!
I recently baked my first ever cake (a chocolate&coffee cake) and my husband got tired of me bragging about how well it turned out to all our friends.. so, to shut me up, he sweetly petitioned for his ONLY request-bday-present.. a pineapple pastry .
I could'nt fnd the recipe anywhere!! (didnt KNOW 'what' it was called. i DO remember eating it!)
Found it here! thanx a bunch..and er.. wish me luck!